1)      Panchkarma for neuromuscular disorders like hemiplaegia, paraplaegia and psychosomatic disorders and life style diseases like bronchial asthma, obesity, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergies disorders etc.

2)      Ksharkarma for Anorectal diseases, warts, skin disease etc.

3)      Agni karma for pain management in sciatica, osteoarthritis, skin disorders etc.

4)      Leech therapy for vascular diseases, non healing wounds, varicose veins, burger’s disease, diabetic ulcer, allergic skin disease, psoriasis, acne etc.

5)      Marma chikitsa is provided for sports injuries, pain management, cervical spondylitis, sprain and migraine etc.

6)      Ahara and Vihara – Preventive measures are practiced through diet and life style (Ahara and Vihara) management

7)      Yoga