The primary mission of the Sansthan is as follows:


To set up a State of Art Ayurved hospital & medical college this will be developed as centre of excellence in various disciplines of ayurveda. For the purpose, the objective will be as follow:


(a)       To develop a facility with international standards, which shall provide a comprehensive, traditional and modern set-up for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases by Ayurvedic System of medicine including Yoga and Naturopathy; an advanced Sansthan for dedicated research and a resource for advanced training in the field of Ayurveda.

(b)      The Sansthan would provide world-class Ayurvedic medical care for patients at affordable costs matching with standards maintained by some of the best available facilities in the field in India and abroad.

(c)       The Sansthan will provide the services in medical care, teaching, research and technology development by ensuring achievement of the bench-mark in being approachable, accessible, appropriate, affordable, accountable and appreciable.


In the Sansthan, use of natural resources of energy, eco-friendly environment and energy preservation methods shall be adopted and promoted, like, smoke free, plastic free, noise free atmosphere etc. methods to use solar energy and water harvesting shall be adopted in a wider perspective.


The broad objectives of the institute are:


  1. A.   Patient Care

(i)           To upgrade the existing hospital to a “centre of excellence” as a national resource facility in the capital that would provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and management facilities for patients with Ayurvedic System of medicine.

(ii)         To maintain proper and scientific needs of patients by providing a permanent patient number (PPN), this will be first and unique in India in the field of Ayurveda.

(iii)       To provide utmost satisfaction to the patients will be the guiding principle.

(iv)       To develop cyber medicine, this will be beneficial for the distant patients who cannot reach the institute.

(v)         To maintain and upgrade an ultra-modern super-specialty hospital to provide comprehensive medical, surgical, Panchakarma, Ksharkarma, Agnikarma, Jalaukakarma, Yoga and Naturopathy care under one roof for patients suffering from various types of diseases.

(vi)       To maintain and upgrade the hospital and development of facilities related to Ayurvedic System of treatment; and to provide comprehensive, non-invasive and invasive treatment facilities.

(vii)     To maintain a Blood bank.

(viii)   To provide health/wellness facilities for the domestic and international tourists so as develop the institute as one of the model health tourism destination.

(ix)       To maintain and upgrade the school health scheme in the schools of neighboring villages. For this purpose, schools in the neighboring villages will be adopted initially and other villages will be added subsequently.

(x)         To maintain and upgrade the colony health scheme in the nearby established colonies, residential societies, etc. For this purpose, two colonies/societies will be adopted initially, and subsequently, other villages will be added. Camps will be organized in these adopted colonies and special attention will be paid to the preventive aspect of health care.

(xi)       To maintain and upgrade the health standards of the nearby established orphanages, old age homes, etc. For this purpose, one or two such homes will be adopted initially, and subsequently, other homes will be added. Camps will be organized in these selected homes and special attention will be paid to the preventive aspect of health care.

(xii)     To adopt at least two villages initially in the first year and propagate preventive health. Subsequently more villages will be adopted each year.

(xiii)   To provide consultancy services and interact with the industry for development and manufacturing of Ayurvedic drugs, medicine equipments including plantation of Ayurvedic medicinal plants.

(xiv)   To collaborate with Indian and foreign research institutions and laboratories and other international organizations in the fields relevant to the objectives of the Sansthan.

(xv)     To establish affiliation and collaborate with recognized Universities and Sansthans of higher learning within India and/or abroad to promote medical education and research or establish scholarship to support knowledge and knowledge based facilities.

(xvi)   To establish facilities for the practice of telemedicine/cyber-medicine.

(xvii)    To establish all ancillary and incidental facilities required for achieving the objectives of the Sansthan.

(xviii)                 To coordinate and collaborate with various hospitals/medical professionals for back referrals of patients for management of routine problems and follow ups near their homes.

(xix)   To setup Satellite clinics/Centers in Delhi at a subsequent date. Such Clinics/Centres can also be established in other parts of India and abroad, if needed and feasible.

(xx)     Collaboration from other reputed institutions in India and abroad will be sought for setting up respective clinics in the Sansthan.

(xxi)         To make proper display of messages/hymns related to day-to-day life, such as ideal diurnal and seasonal life style, as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts shall be made in an attractive form at various places in the Sansthan so that common man can adopt them.

(xxii)       To obtain accreditation in various fields of Ayurvedic medicine, as may be permissible, to obtain NABH certification for the hospital & institute services.

(xxiii)     All people should have an access to the best of services being provided by the institute.


  1. B.   Research

(i)           To establish a core facility for research in Ayurvedic System of medicine in the form of a ‘central research unit/laboratory’; and to provide a stand-alone platform for coordinated research for different agencies and researchers from different disciplines from across the country and also from abroad. This central research unit will help in planning, designing and implementing various research projects in different departments. This unit will also cover pharmacology, medical chemistry, library research unit, manuscriptlogy etc. Unit will be headed by eminent professor with supporting higher/lower staff, faculty, scientists, technicians, linguistics etc.

(ii)         To undertake, aid, promote, guide and coordinate research of a high caliber in basic and applied sciences related to Ayurveda and allied sciences.

(iii)       To provide and promote effective linkages on a continuing basis between various scientific and research agencies/laboratories and other organizations working in the country in the field of medicine, surgery, endoscopy, indigenous systems of medicine, virology, molecular biology, community medicine, biotechnology, physiology, pharmacology, immunology and related clinical and basic science areas.

(iv)       To provide consultancy and interact with the industry for development and manufacture of newer technologies and drugs.

(v)         To collaborate with foreign research institutions and laboratories and other international organizations in fields relevant to the objectives of the Sansthan.

(vi)       To develop herbal garden for growing plants, relating to develop indigenous systems of medicine.

(vii)     To take up specific research program under concerned department in each of the 14 recognized Departments.

(viii)   To obtain accreditation in different research fields of Ayurvedic medicine.

(ix)       To maintain an animal house that can facilitate the supply of animals for research work.


  1. C.   Teaching and Training

(i)                 To establish comprehensive and dedicated facilities in the field of Ayurveda for teaching and training at the undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral level

(ii)               To formulate and conduct courses to promote health tourism, like; diploma/certificate courses for Ayurvedic graduates and Ayurvedic paramedics.

(iii)             The training shall lay emphasis on the latest techniques and concepts evolving in the field of Ayurveda including allied sciences and basic and molecular aspects.

(iv)             To established affiliation with recognized universities and institutions of higher learning, both in India and other countries, for the purpose of enabling physicians and research scholars to register for post-graduate degrees with due permission from competent authority.

(v)               Affiliations from international Centres of Ayurveda shall be sought for recognition of work and improvement in the curriculum of training.

(vi)             To serve as a Reference Centre for Ayurveda and to provide consultancy service to medical and paramedical institutions, public health agencies and industry in the country.

(vii)           International Study Centre will be established in Delhi at a subsequent date. Such Centre can also be established in other parts of India and abroad, if needed and feasible.

(viii)         To make efforts to develop the Sansthan into a deemed university with independent curriculum and degrees in due course of time.

(ix)             To organize teaching and training courses of a specialized nature in para-medics like Panchkarma Technician, Panchkarma Assistant, Pharmacist, Nurse and various allied fields.

(x)               To provide weekend training courses for various medical professionals, especially Family Physicians for early diagnosis, timely referrals and post treatment follow up of patients.

(xi)             To provide short-term training courses for various non-medicos, farmers about improving health & hygiene, preventive health, cultivation and use of herbal plants, etc.

(xii)           To procure 3-D technology to teach surgical subjects like Rachana-Sharir, Shalya-Tantra, Shalakya-Tanta and Stri-Rog Evam Prasuti-Tantra.