Area of herbal garden of the institution is 55 acres. Plantation has been started in 5 acres. Near about 5000 medicinal plants have been already planted. The number of species is 160. Important plants are:  Guggul, chopcini, kalmegh, gudmar, gandhaprasarini, chandan, raktachandan, karpoor, aswagandha, satavari, puntrajiva, brahmi, manduk parni, etc.Navagraha vatika also prepared in the herbal garden.

Green House

Navgrah Vatika

Nakshtra Vatika

Work on the proposal to set up a herbal garden of international standard has been initiated, in which the following facilities will be present.

1. Herbarium of medicinal plants

2. Museum of medicinal raw drugs

3. Data protection centre on medicinal plants

4. R&D centre

5. Green house facilities

6. Drug testing laboratories

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