Department of Prasuti tantra and Stri Roga

Stri-Roga & Prasuti- Tantra is a branch of medicine & medical specialty dealing with the management of Pregnancy, labour & post-labour recovery period and Diagnosis & & treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system and the female genital tract. Prasooti – Tantra & Stri- Roga is a clinical Department that teach obstetrics and Gynecology in IIIrd Professional of B.A.M.S course. It is also studied at the Post- Graduate & doctoral level.

Ayurvedic concept of PTSR is studied at this level, which involves primarily the sharirsthana, uttartantra and chikitsa- sthana of basic Ayurvedic texts of Sushruta Samhita, Charak Samhita and Asptang Hridya. This discipline provides comprehensive care of women.



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