Department of Kriya Sharir

Amongst the B.A.M.S. 1st professional subjects, Vagbhatt’s  Shair Kriya Vigyan is of utmost importance. Under this subject, all the functions taking place within the body and mind in normal state are studied in detail. Further, critical analysis and interpretation in terms of modern physiology is also done by using Ayurvedic principles of physiology.

Only with the in depth knowledge of Prakriti, Vikriti, sara, samhanan, Satmya, Satva, Aahaar Sakti, Vyayaam Sakti, Vaya, Bala, correct diagnosis and management of the disease is possible. Therefore in order to produce good scholars, clinicians, and research fellows in the field of Ayurveda, comprehensive in depth of knowledge of the subject together with practical application is required.

‘Dosh’ ‘Dhatu’ ‘Mala’ and ‘Agni’ being the basics of Vagbhatt’s Sharir Kriya Vigyan regulate the human physiology and if unbalanced are responsible for the development of disease. In this department, objective assessment of these fundamentals is made using various physiological, biochemical, hematological, anthropometric, psychological parameters for imparting scientific evidence based knowledge. To cater these needs, clinical human experimental laboratory and physiology laboratory well equipped with latest equipments and various teaching aids are available.

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