Department of Kaumarbhritya

1) Teaching Department

Kashyap Vibhag/ Department of Balroga is one of the success adding clinical departments of C.B.P.A.C.S. Department Catered almost 5000 pediatric patient in a short span. Department will responsibly teach and train the students of 3rd professional of B.A.M.S., M.D. and other courses related to department. It is also studied at the doctoral level. The main focus of study is to get aware the students regarding the fundamental of pediatric diseases, vaccination, various disability and deformity, Neonatology, congenital, hereditary and acquired/ infective illnesses etc. The approach of students is also shaped toward the various modern tools and techniques of investigation and latest ultra-modern information regarding the general pediatrics, neonatology, vaccinology, Neonatal/Pediatric intensive care unit procedures and also by latest techniques like Ventilation, etc.. It is also imparted to student the strict discipline and management of nursery and live demonstration of procedures. The knowledge of ancient principles of longevity of Ayurveda in regard to pediatric concept of diseases, their treatment and betterment of patients is also to be taught during their course.

2) Clinical department

The parallel running hospital along with the Ayurvedic medical college is providing the basic medical and health facility to local villagers as well as other people of New Delhi. Its Kashyap Vibhag/ Department of Balroga should be up to mark to fulfill the training requirement to student of final year of BAMS, internees, M.D. and Doctoral courses. There must be sufficient resources to complete the knowledge of pediatric and neonatology at their level. The pediatric and NICU unit must be fully equipped and should be in well running condition. The facility of fully hygienic Nursery and ward to manage all types of emergencies 24 hours must be present.

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